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Hemp flower from natural agriculture, without chemical treatment, without additives.

  • CBD: up to 7%
  • THC: -0.2% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Fruity, sweet and fresh scent.


Amnesia Outdoor CBD flower, Swiss origin

When she first hit the market in the mid-90s, it didn't take long for Amnesia to soar as one of the most popular strains and to this day. This fabulous classic shines with many incredible characteristics, such as its unique Amnesia aroma.

The famous Amnesia holds its qualities in that it is ingeniously crossed with old school, reliable genetics, bred from various Indicas strains; some cannabis lovers compare it to the best Hazes for its taste, but which stays in a category well apart from other varieties. its taste is sweet and pleasant, to make you a fan of it.

Rediscover its special flavors and enjoy the physical and mental relaxation that this flower can provide you.

The rate of CBD (cannabidiol) of up to 7% will ensure the relaxation and well-being you are looking for. Amnesia CBD will clear your mind of the superfluous and help you focus on the essentials. This flower produces a feeling of well-being while remaining responsive and focused on what we are doing. If you like powerful, fresh and fruity flavors, you will fall for this flower and you will be wanting for more.

Outdoor cultivation allows the balance between yield and the natural quality sought to please you. Grown outdoors with care, no pesticides, no added terpenes! Nature is solely responsible for its taste.

In short :

- Fruity citrus scent pulling on grapefruit
- Scent of pine, citrus and noble earth.
- A real taste and olfactory delight.

In accordance with French law, Sol Septima can freely sell CBD Amnesia flowers throughout the European Union.

To enjoy the flavors and scents of Amnesia for as long as possible, store it in a dry place.

Product information: Amnesia Outdoor CBD flower

  • CBD: up to 7%
  • THC : <0.2% (legal according to European legislation)
  • Type: outdoor
  • Origin: Swiss
  • Analysis (HPLC) 2020
  • Use : hemp extracts intended for consumption in infusions, in vaporization or for fragrant interior decoration.

Sol Septima cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.


Lime OG est une variété tres populaire. Appelée Lime Kush dans certains cercles, elle partage ses gènes avec un parent OG Kush et une souche Indica inconnue. Lime OG a le goût du citron vert mais sent étrangement le pin et le menthol.

Cette variété offre des propriétés anti-inflammatoires, anxiolytiques, antiémétiques, antidépressives, antispasmodiques, anticonvulsives, analgésiques, antibactériennes, antipsychotiques, antifongiques, antiseptiques et autres, trop nombreuses pour être nommées. Il stimule l'appétit et garantit une nuit complète de sommeil réparateur et satisfait, tout en vous réveillant initialement et en vous aidant à mieux vous concentrer.

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 Informations produit:

CBD : 1.95 %

THC : <0,2% (légal selon la législation européenne)

Type : outdoor (en extérieur)

Origine : Suisse

Analyse (HPLC) 2021

Utilisation : extraits de chanvre destinés à la consommation en infusions ,en vaporisation ou à la décoration odorante d’intérieur.

Sol Septima ne peut être tenu responsable du mauvais usage fait de ses produits.

En règle avec la législation française, Sol Septima peut librement vendre les fleurs CBD Lime OG dans toute l’union européenne.

Pour bénéficier des saveurs et senteurs de la Lime OG aussi longtemps que possible, conservez la dans un endroit sec.