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<transcy>What is CBD oil?</transcy>

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from seed, stems and leaf of hemp. Vegetable oils in general are known to be rich in vitamins, fatty acids and are the perfect carrier for you to feel better. CBD oil is no exception to the rule. Rich in cannabidiol, CBD oil allows you to take advantage of effects: relaxing, muscle relaxation, better sleep, anti-pain effects and many more.

The concentration of CBD varies from product to product. The chosen concentration should be adapted to your needs . Do not hesitate to ask your questions to your seller to be able to benefit from a CBD oil that suits your uses. Also, CBD acts in synergy with other natural components present in hemp such as terpenes and flavonoids . Good quality CBD oils preserve these substances during the extraction process. So a good quality CBD oil comes from an extraction method without solvents dangerous for health and the body which preserves its qualities and its benefits .

The CBD oils offered are guaranteed 100% safe and natural , directly from the hemp plant. This is guaranteed without pesticides or substances considered dangerous for health and the environment. The bottles offered for sale are easy to handle and guarantee optimal use.

Methods of administration

There are several ways to consume your CBD oil.

  • The sublingual route : using the drip, pour the desired dose directly under the tongue. This mode of administration allows to benefit from the effects of CBD almost immediately , that is to say in less than half an hour, thanks to the capillaries located under the tongue.
  • Oral route : pour your CBD oil on a sugar, in a spoon of yogurt or cottage cheese or on a piece of bread. You can even add it to your cooking recipes like any oil. Nevertheless, remain vigilant about the dosages and avoid heating it up. The benefits are not immediately felt and gastric juices partly break down the CBD which minimizes these effects.
  • The cutaneous route : CBD oil is not necessarily ingested. It can also be used locally directly on the skin. In this way, CBD oil helps soothe the skin, regulate sebum and may even have benefits against acne and eczema.

The conversation

Like any natural product, CBD oil is a sensitive product that fears light and heat. Keep your bottle in a cool place away from light to preserve its benefits. Many users even keep their oil in the fridge. Once opened, the bottle should be consumed within the following year.

Also, be sure to keep your CBD oil out of the reach of children and pets. This product is exclusively reserved adults .

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